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Leather Table Mat Double Sided Curve

Leather Table Mat Double Sided Curve


Circle: 40 cm
Curve: 37 x 44 cm

DOUBLE combines different finishes in a double-sided, reversible recycled leather design. 2mm

Options: Light blue & light grey / Anthracite and light grey

All TABLE MATS are made from strong, recycled leather - a meticulous blend of 80 % reused leather and 20 % natural rubber. This makes them durable, water and dirt repellent and very easy to clean.

Our TABLE MATS come in a number of different leather finishes.

NUPO has a soft and delicate surface, a matte, dusty look and subtle leather patterns. 0,8 mm / 1,2 mm

Bull. The compact and visible leather patterns of BULL are underscored by the dual colour surface.2,0 mm / 3,0 mm

TABLE MAT is a sustainable lifestyle product, designed and handcrafted in Denmark. It comes in different dynamic shapes, leather finishes and colours, giving infinite possibilities for styling the home. All TABLE MATS have multiple purposes. Our reinforced recycled leather has a look that makes it a perfect fit for various surfaces around the house: On the dinner table or under vases, candlesticks, pots, bowls or something else entirely.

All the LIND DNA Table Mats are easily cleaned with a wet cloth and window spray.

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