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Normann Copenhagen Shaker Basket Sand / Grey

Normann Copenhagen Shaker Basket Sand / Grey

Shaker Basket designed by Studio Gorm for Normann Copenhagen

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Sand / Grey



H: 38 x L: 45 x D: 45 cm


The Shaker Basket is a reinterpretation of the American Shaker style, which is known for having simplicity, utility and honesty as its guiding principles. These principles have been brought into the design of the Shaker Basket, which in form and material embodies quality and minimalism.

The Shaker Baskets source of inspiration is traditional woven ash baskets and boxes made for holding wood chips from Shaker workshops that were used in wood stove fires. These traditional basket shapes and design principles come together perfectly with the modern materials and techniques used for the Shaker Basket: the result is a refined, contemporary design piece with a hint of history. Turning away from ornaments and extravagance, the visual appeal of the Shaker Basket is in its clean, aesthetic lines.

The rounded rectangle and soft, organic curve gives it a pleasant graphical shape, making it a unique yet functional storage basket. Suitable for spare blankets, toys, fuel wood and magazines the Shaker Basket is a versatile and elegant solution to your storage needs.


Studio Gorm is a design office founded in 2007 by Wonhee Arndt and John Arndt, who are both professors in the Product Design Department at the University of Oregon. Based in Eugene, Oregon, the duo create products, furniture, lighting, interiors and exhibitions which embody simplicity, practicality and thoughtfulness, making approachable forms that fit everyday life. 
Their designs draw inspiration from their academic research into culture, history and technology. Taking an experimental constructive approach to their design, they are able to make functional objects that fit the needs of modern life.

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