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Eva Solo Fire Globe Grill Grid

Eva Solo Fire Globe Grill Grid

Eva Solo Fire Globe Grill Accessory


The grill grid has been specially developed for the Fire Globe fireplace, which spreads warmth. When fitted with the grid, the fireplace can also be used for cooking – either over open flames or charcoal.  The grill grid has a large cooking surface with plenty of room for your food.  The long and practical handle ensures that the grill grid is always easy to handle both before, during and after use. 

Always use grill gloves, as the grid becomes hot during use.

Material: enamelled steel 

Care instructions:

- Ensure the FireGlobe grill grid is cold before it is cleaned. 

- Wash the grill grid with hot water and a mild detergent then rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe dry. 

- The grill grid should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis to preserve its appearance and to prevent rust. 

  • It is important to clean the grill grid using a grill brush with brass bristles after each use. 
  • The surface of the grill grid may be damaged if sharp implements or abrasive cleaning agents are used to clean it.

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